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Custom Happens The Modern Lakehouse with a lot of personality Every so often a client comes around that is unexpected. We have many clients that we fall in love with after we start working with them.  Some even become like family.  We know their kids and pets and we are melancholy when the project is […]

Laundry rooms can be messy but with organization can be a great place to do chores.

  Laundry Rooms. We often see so many of them by accident. Let me explain what I mean. We started a new client’s home today.  Most of the home is changing structurally but as we walked past the laundry room, Mrs. looked at me and said, “This is such a disaster. I feel like I […]

American bulldog tucked in a beautiful crate snuggled in and sleeping happily

What has four legs and its own dishwasher? Apparently, our new client.  Which is not a first as we often do interior design projects for clients that ask us to incorporate features or entire areas for their pets. You would be surprised how often we design a home with a pet in mind  It used […]

virtual interior design with shoppable links

  It’s 2024. According to The Jetsons, we should be driving flying cars and living in floating homes fully automated with robots. Wouldn’t that be nice? Although those innovations haven’t happened yet (looking at you, Silicon Valley), advancement in technology has grown exponentially, opening new ways to approach interior design.   If you look at other […]

Gray and beige interior design

When I start a project with a client, one of the first things I like to determine is if they’re more of fan of beige or gray paint. Maybe they are somewhere in the middle with Taupe or “Greige.” Nearly all projects need a neutral color that works as a general backdrop, or canvas, that […]

how to create a home office space in cornelius and mooresville nc

  Things have changed over the last decade, never more than these last few months, though. Many clients are asking us to help them create a well designed home office space that is also productive because it is becoming a quickly evolving need. One example of late was when we met with a client for […]

Turn On Images

Earlier this year, we were given one of the highest compliments possible: an invitation back into a clients home.  This is not an uncommon request as we are often called to update a different room in a home with existing clients. It is always an honor to be asked to continue a design once a […]

As a long designing firm, we have seen trends come and go. The kitchen, as the heart of the home, is an area that is constantly focused on. Glossy black cabinets, red islands, brass, brushed nickel and copper. Everyone is battling to star in the show that is prime time in most of our homes. […]

The Rug Really Ties The Room Together…..     Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.   We received a phone call in October from a gentleman who had a story to tell. He was mild mannered and spoke with intention. However, was a little hesitant to even speak to us. Unfortunately, he had already experienced working with […]

Tough Conversations     Sometimes you have to have them. Even when you don’t want to. And, that is when the test of your relationship with the designer you hire or any contractor comes. We had to have a conversation with a client to tell them something we knew they were expecting. But, that is why […]