Our story

This is the story of Sutton Place Interior Design, because every home needs one.

When you have the name Sutton, which loosely translated means, "Home" there are only a few directions that you are meant to go. Sutton Place Interior Design was a dream realized in 1985 before there was an internet or reality television. Instead, it grew out of the dream to create something with meaning - home. Sutton Place Interior Design was founded with the idea that a home was meant to be functional, welcoming and comfortable while feeling like a stylish reflection of those that lived there. Over the decades, we have worked with many different styles and have always striven to offer unique designs while offering ideas that would prove to be timeless so clients were able to enjoy their space for years to come. 

Thirty years later, that belief continues to prove true: changes may occur with technology or lifestyle, but our clients continue to tell us the same core desire: They want to create a home. We are so grateful that we have been able to design homes for over thirty years and as a second generation design firm, it is with intent that Sutton Place Interior Design will always be a firm specializing in creating a good design that welcomes clients and their loved ones home.  
Sutton Place Interior Design is unique from other design houses because we have successfully built an interior design firm that offers over three decades of experience and creativity with strong roots in family and home. 

This is the story of us and it is our favorite because it is ours. Which is how we want you to feel about your home when we are done. We want it to tell your story. Because Sutton means home - and isn't that what your home's story should say? So welcome to Sutton Place. Welcome Home.

When you want expertise you count on experience.

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a picture can tell a story...here is ours

Pictures tell a story, not only of memories but they show the evolution of our designs and improvement of the spaces. Everyone loves to see the before and afters- that is why the drama of the reveal is saved until the end! These pictures are just a glimpse into some of the projects that we have been fortunate enough to design and a few behind the scenes for you to look at. While the technology of capturing these projects was not as advanced, they still share how we have grown in the last 30+ years . They are the foundation that today stands on, and we hope you enjoy seeing the chapters that led us to this point in the story we tell of home. 

we are fortunate to have had over thirty years to develop our unique style that fits your design dreams.







Andrea grew up in the design world, watching her mother create Sutton Place Interior Design and credits this as the inspiration behind her design career. She never remembers a home that was not styled well while remaining welcoming to family and friends. When Sutton Place Interior Design was founded, Andrea was only a small child but was already a part of the company. She remembers working with trade sources, samples and being in the studio from the age of 8. Andrea joined Sutton Place Interior Design after years of traveling and working in the corporate world, bringing another generation to the company. Joining on as a partner was not just a job- it was a passion.

Today, as the mother of two children, she continues to find inspiration all around her, and believes that good design should transform your life – from designing comfortable spaces that connect families to finding functional solutions for today’s lifestyles, all without sacrificing on style. Andrea has blended the knowledge gained from growing up in a design firm and a degree in marketing with one goal in mind: to maintain the spirit of, and grow, the design firm in the next era.  


Andrea Sutton Kristofak

Kimberly Sutton is the founder and co-owner of Sutton Place Interior Design. She knew her entire life that she wanted to design homes. When other girls were playing with dolls, she was designing their doll houses. Kimberly grew up in Michigan in a home that was exactly what she wanted to create for her clients - warm and well styled. She pursued her dream passionately and when the time was right, as a designer with years of experience and education behind her, Sutton Place Interior Design was born. The desire to create based on what the client imagines and an immense talent for design pair well with the value of hard work, provide the foundation for Sutton Place Interior Design.

With much experience in the industry, there are few design challenges that Kimberly hasn’t already faced. That is an added bonus because while she has a keen eye for style and detail that she balances with superior taste and creativity, she can also help guide clients through the process of a design in a way that more inexperienced designers cannot.  

Founder • Co-Owner

Kimberly Sutton

Andrea is an avid reader and loves reading most anything put in front of her. Knowledge is power and reading is one of her favorite things to do.

Classic TV shows anyone? No one beats Kimberly in a trivia game when it comes to the quintessential favorites.

KIMBERLY & ANDREA: Appetizers for dinner anyone? Both Kimberly and Andrea love a good meal- made up entirely of their favorite appetizers.

Favorite Things:

That style is not one size fits all. 

We believe that a home should feel well styled and well lived in.

We believe a home should be a reflection of those that live in it. 

We believe in quality not quantity, not only in things you buy but way you live. 

We believe Style is personal and while it may evolve over time, it should always reflect you. 

We believe that a well designed space should help a client live a better life, not just look beautiful but live beautifully.

We Believe