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Big Lebowski Bath

January 25, 2019

The Rug Really Ties The Room Together…..  


Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.  

We received a phone call in October from a gentleman who had a story to tell. He was mild mannered and spoke with intention. However, was a little hesitant to even speak to us. Unfortunately, he had already experienced working with a different designer and it had not gone well. That designer continuously made excuses for missing appointments and a malign of other offense that had put a bit of a bad taste in his mouth. Our client, “J”,  knew he needed help to accomplish the project he had in mind so fortunately he made the choice to try again ~ and that was where we come into the picture.  


It is never fun to be “next’” after a bad experience. We learned at our first meeting who had really lost in that scenario and it was the first designer. “J” was fun. He was easy to work with and he gave us carte blanche to create his guest bath, as long as our plans included a few key concepts such as a changing the tub to a stand up shower. Incredibly reasonable and a very likeable guy. We could see we would enjoy this project. But, then, as the best projects evolve, we started to pull information about personal styles and likes from “J.” This is when we learned he has a sense of humor. A GOOD sense of humor. And an idea took root. His favorite movie was the Big Lebowski.  How in the world to incorporate that movie into design?  To Our knowledge, it had never been done before. Challenge Accepted!  


We did some additional research (watched the movie!) and we put together a design that was masculine, welcoming to guests and incorporated small jokes that fans of the cult classic would understand. Stepping outside of the norm, we did a few luxuries like a separate urinal, a rain shower, a faucet that changed color with the temperature of the water and a smart toilet. Yes, a SMART toilet~ it even has its own app. Not to forget the movie, the rug was the last piece to be placed into the room – and it really ties the room together.  


The outcome of the project was something we were so excited about. More importantly, our client was satisfied and the experience was smooth for him ~ things that are always a priority for our firm.  And, now we can share the behind the scenes with you. Here are a few before and afters- the transformation was such a fun project to do and just one of the examples of how we try to tell each and every story of home in our designs.






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