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The Rug Really Ties The Room Together…..     Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.   We received a phone call in October from a gentleman who had a story to tell. He was mild mannered and spoke with intention. However, was a little hesitant to even speak to us. Unfortunately, he had already experienced working with […]

Tough Conversations     Sometimes you have to have them. Even when you don’t want to. And, that is when the test of your relationship with the designer you hire or any contractor comes. We had to have a conversation with a client to tell them something we knew they were expecting. But, that is why […]

When we decided we needed a fresh new look on our website, it seemed like such a simple idea. Update some pictures, rearrange how we said things and where we said them. Maybe change the coloror style of the words. After three decades of telling the story of home, you would think we would know […]