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Fun outdoor pillows and cushions give off a happy vibe without worrying if rain or spills happen. interior designer and builder troutman nc

  Spring is  here – are you ready? And, Summer is right around the corner! The weather is warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom, and people are getting ready to spend more time outdoors. If you have a patio, screened in porch or even just a front porch,  spring is the perfect time to […]

Sashay Spring is Sherwin Williams color for April and our design build firm will show you how to use in a remodel

Sashay Sands is Sherwin William’s Chosen Paint Color for April 2024. It is a fashionable neutral that definitely has a strong warm, pink undertone. Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Joanna Gaines in a Paris flat to remodel her closet.   Now there is a conversation I want to be part of! It might be a bit […]

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Scullery or Pantry? It’s Sunday and if you are like us, that is the day you do all the things. Think about what the week is going to bring, meal plan, upcoming sports or school plays, work events, parties and so forth. That brings shopping lists, to do lists and […]

roycroft bronze green sherwin williams is the color of the month in March 2024

Have you checked out the Color of the Month, Roycroft Bronze Green, for March 2024 yet? Sherwin Williams keeps things fun by sharing a new color to obsess with every month. It seem’s like green has been our go to this year. That is a bonus since it is Kimberly’s favorite color.  Now are excited […]

rosPushing the boundaries of Kitchen and Bath Design is the Name of the Game for 2024   Market season is in full swing, and we are excited to share some of the latest and greatest launches that brought sent design devotees to Las Vegas for the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). From scalloped […]

Laundry rooms can be messy but with organization can be a great place to do chores.

  Laundry Rooms. We often see so many of them by accident. Let me explain what I mean. We started a new client’s home today.  Most of the home is changing structurally but as we walked past the laundry room, Mrs. looked at me and said, “This is such a disaster. I feel like I […]

Blue Front Doors are Great for Lake Houses

  Shut the Front Door When we were thinking of what to do for our topic this week, we debated on the topic. Then it came to us.  How to pick the color of your front door! This is usually the first impression of a home and you would be surprised how often we are […]

American bulldog tucked in a beautiful crate snuggled in and sleeping happily

What has four legs and its own dishwasher? Apparently, our new client.  Which is not a first as we often do interior design projects for clients that ask us to incorporate features or entire areas for their pets. You would be surprised how often we design a home with a pet in mind  It used […]

Living room inspiration generated by AI creators

Ask Us Anything – And, Thanks for The Laugh!    Are Designers Catfishing Clients? We had someone send us a message and ask if AI in Interior Design was like lying on a dating profile. First of all, we couldn’t stop laughing. But, they are not wrong. At least, not at the first impression. That […]

virtual interior design with shoppable links

  It’s 2024. According to The Jetsons, we should be driving flying cars and living in floating homes fully automated with robots. Wouldn’t that be nice? Although those innovations haven’t happened yet (looking at you, Silicon Valley), advancement in technology has grown exponentially, opening new ways to approach interior design.   If you look at other […]