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It’s Only Natural: Lake House Design & Nature Inspired Elements

April 8, 2023

Living in a town that is known for it’s lake gives us a lot of inspiration. Add to that a southern flare and we end up with a style that we often call “Lake House Chic.” What does that look like and how do we define this? We feel it needs to be modern, it has to bring in some of the outdoors inside and it has to be welcoming. We see a lot of influence from the 1990’s, which makes sense since a lot of our area was built in that era. We walk in knowing that bright brass door handles and lights, yellow wood floors, faux Italian walls, burgundies, yellows and the like were the favored colors of the decades. And, it is likely that our design plans will work overtime to send the expected styles of 20 years ago out while bringing a modern and updated feel to your space. 

How do you make an old lake house feel modern?

First of all, we want to focus on the way the space will be used. Is this going to be a family space? Usually, we hear a wish list that incorporates kids, dogs, entertaining, a lot of in and out and more functionality to the home.  Please note, there is no perfect cookie cutter design plan. Your needs are not the same as your neighbors. That’s why we listen closely to what you want to accomplish with this remodel and make sure we do our best to check off that list while setting expectations of what the home can do and how to do it within your timeline, budget and the parameters of what your lake house is actually capable of. I can’t give you a second story without some heavy lifting or open up a floor plan without having a set of engineering eyes signing off that we can do it safely. 

textures in your furniture and light fixtures can really bring in nature

Textured selections for furniture and light fixtures are always a great choice for a lake house inspired style.

The kitchen. Do I need to say more? 

I doubt it because out of all of the remodels and builds we do? The kitchen is the front runner for where your time will be spent and usually the candidate at the top of that wishlist we spoke of.  If your lake house is in that same boat (See what I did there? ) the it is time to rethink the tiny kitchen and make it bigger! We want you to have a lot of function and we want it to be pretty.  We can’t help it. If you are going all in with a kitchen remodel, let’s check all of the boxes. Why is the favorite room in the house hidden in the corner and growing crowded every weekend? Easy to maintain countertops, cabinets that are fun with as much function as possible and customized to the use. A coffee bar? A wine area? A space for kids to grab snacks or does the lake house mascot and guard dog, Fluffy need her own space to eat with a pull out pet food area? Putting a list of all of this and more together is a great way to start! 

Under construction the making of a lake home

The family needs a kitchen that offers more function and space so we will just be over here removing a few walls and adding some windows!




lake house interior design often focuses on the kitchen

Lake House Interior Design often focuses on the kitchen.



Kitchens aren’t the only priorities when thinking through your dream home on the lake. 

We need spaces that can handle clean up duty with ease when families come in from playing outside. Outdoor showers and drop zones are always considered in that design. Towel storage is not to be overlooked. If you host a lot of guests, we want to make sure your ready for anything. Do you need a guest room downstairs for those that struggle with stairs? Is there enough storage for sheets, towels and are your bathrooms guest ready? Can your laundry room handle the heavy duty of beach towels and guests? If you plan to spend a lot of time on the deck, lets focus on this spot. Comfortable seating, layered lighting and creature comforts such as a fireplace or beverage cooler may need to be added. You know your home and what story you want to tell, we help you create that reality. 

interior designers in mooreville including laundry room

Industrial laundry room: big on function and style cornelius charlotte nc

Blue shiplap

That blue shiplap fed into the bunks makes a fun change to the standard white



But, What if I don’t actually go IN the lake or my home isn’t located on waterfront? 

Now, what if the lake isn’t the main form of entertainment but the influence of it is? That is where we bring in the selections that make an outdated house a lake home. Our colors will make the client feel happy and calm, this neutrals, warm whites, blues, and greens. Natural elements such as wood and stone, matte black fixtures, maybe an aged gold that feels timeless, linen, seagrass, seeded glass and we will mix it all up. I want guests to walk in and wonder if this dining table is original to the house or brand new. To feel comfortable sinking into that chair and staring at the water or to sit down at the kitchen island and laugh over appetizers. Regardless if you see water from your backdoor or not, the area and it’s community drive the expectation for some. Our weather is warmer, our town is a lake town and even if you don’t have a physical lake home, a casual lifestyle and a natural element lend themselves to our design style.  

multifunctinal home office

A multifunctional home office with a view of the lake makes working from home a joy and can do double duty to gives guests a spot to hang out in.



Adding some show stoppers. 

We also want some wow factors. Light fixtures that are statement pieces: woven materials, bubble glass and beads can add an out of the box texture without cluttering up the space. And a lot of natural light. If we can open a space up and add bigger window areas? Definitely. If we cannot, I want as much reflective elements as possible. Please – get the idea of mirrored closet doors straight from the 90’s out of your head. We are eliminating the styles from the past, remember? However, a lot of tricks such as what surfaces we select can capture that natural light and reflect it all over the space. Change any heavy drapes out to open the space up and while privacy comes into the game plan, we definitely don’t want to close the sunshine or view out. 

lake house entryway with a great view and gorgeous lighting

Simple can be stunning and timeless!




Making your dream house a reality. 

Most importantly,  let’s talk about the bottom line on this style? It needs to be the dream that becomes a reality for our client. Natural light, open spaces, textures, and colors that bring that lake house feel to the home as soon as you walk into the door. It should make you feel happy and guests feel welcome. And if we do our job well, let you start writing your story of home. 



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