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Banquette Inspiration – The Best Seat In The House

January 25, 2021

Banquette Inspiration can be found in just about any home catalag or pinterest page. They just may the best kept secret of the decorating world. They are comfortable, space saving and useful in just about every room. Whether your space is large or small, an apartment or a house, classic or modern, there is sure to be a banquette just right for you.

Here are 10 reasons to live with (and love) banquettes… and we could go on past 10!  There really isn’t any perfect ranking to why a banquette may be the solution you need in your space, but I bet there is at least one reason on this list that is an answer for you.

#10. Banquettes make a space feel more polished. Whether you want it permantly installed or just placed in the spot, if you want your kitchen or nook feel more finished, consider bringing in a banquette. Tucked into a corner, even a freestanding banquette can look built in, lending your space a feeling of elegance and permanence.

Ideas and inspiration for the banquette

Banquettes can added to any room, any style. If you create a cozy corner with a view it will become the preferred spot to sit.


#9. Banquettes enhance small spaces. A petite upholstered banquette brings elegance to a kitchen, transforming what could have been a forgotten corner into a welcome destination for morning coffee.


banquette inspiration

If you would like to have additional casual seating in your kitchen, a straight banquette, especially along a bank of windows with a pretty view, is a great option.

#8. Banquettes can add function to awkward spaces. Have a small space? Don’t let it go to waste. Search for banquette inspiration on Pinterest. Even in a narrow bedroom passage or a living room that doesn’t offer much room for seating, a slender banquette is a handy seat for putting on and taking off shoes. Laundry rooms are another great area to think about.
a home office in a laundry room in mooresville nc home remodelers

A well designed laundry room can be multi-functional, especially with a spot to sit and get shoes on while staying organized. 

#7. Banquettes lend a hand in hardworking mudrooms. Offering a welcome seat and bonus storage, a banquette seat makes a smart addition to a busy mudroom. Stow shoes below and keep other items hidden in cabinets above.
banquette ideas

Stairwells can be awkward spaces, sometimes thought to be useless space. But, with a little planningg and some creativity, you can add a little banquette with storage. Guaranteed to be a favorite spot to read or watch a video.

#6. Banquettes are versatile. A banquette in the living room can go from comfy reading corner during the day to dining spot with friends in the evening — just pull up a table. This works in the kitchen or on the patio!
banquette ideas outdoor space

As a lake community, we all want outdoor spaces. A banquette creates a space for lounging and dining, playing games or catching up . With room left over.

#5. Banquettes are perfect for kids. A banquette is sturdy enough to stand up to rambunctious kids climbing all over it and offers plenty of room for wiggly little ones to stretch out. Try one in the dining room to make family dinners more comfortable, or in the playroom, as shown here, nestled in with a pool table and instruments. Instant Banquette Inspiration!


banquette inspiration

If you have a music room, game room or a space that you just don’t know what to do with, maybe a banquette is the answer! Bonus, look how much extra space this room has to shoot pool!


#4. Banquettes exude coziness. Want to bring warmth and comfort to your living space? Try a banquette tucked in beside the fireplace. A plushly upholstered, tufted version is the ultimate in cozy furniture.


banquette ideas

Banquettes With Storage  If your banquette will have an enclosed base, it can also be used for storage. You should consider storage requirements when deciding whether to use a hinged top, doors or drawers. A basic box with a hinged top (shown here) is probably the most economical design and can also accommodate large items. Drawer storage. Drawers are the most expensive storage types but also the most easily accessible. Use one on the side of banquette seating for quick access to supplies or under strategically placed banquette seats to get the best use of space. This one has us feeling all the banquette inspiration! 

#3. Banquettes can provide hidden storage. These sturdy pieces of furniture often come with built-in storage, making them a lifesaver in small spaces. When space is at a premium, stow kids’ toys in a playroom banquette, linens and platters in a dining room or kitchen banquette, and movies and other media in a family room banquette.
banquette inspiration

A U-shaped banquette seats quite a few diners. It would be a relaxing place for a dinner party. Getting in and out on a daily basis, however, might be problematic. For your best style, here is more inspiration! 

 The custom-made cushion covers are removable and washable, icleanable, deal for a busy family. Another idea that we keep in the bag? Leather or vinyl cushions elimate all worry.
#2. Banquettes have a friendly vibe. Whether it’s the promise of comfort that a big expanse of seating offers, or nostalgia for classic diners, there’s just something about banquettes that feels cheerful and welcoming.
banquette ideas and inspiration

#1. Banquettes can seat a crowd with ease. A large banquette can comfortably fit big groups and looks less cluttered than individual chairs.

Tip: For very large banquettes, try using a pair of tables instead of one long table, so those seated in the middle can easily get out.


a banquette can be an inspired use of space

Banquette seating in a kitchen saves space, brings pattern and color to the room through upholstery and creates a cozy spot for meals. But it’s important to also celebrate the functional aspects.  While there is a lot to consider, keep in mind that banquettes can be designed to match any kitchen style. They can be custom built purchased as a bench from some cabinet manufacturers or assembled from cabinet components. They can be installed permanently or simply set into place.

The price to build a banquette varies greatly depending upon size, construction and finish details, but the results can provide a beautiful and unique seating area. And, when designed well, it will solve all of your problems – well, at least the ones that affect the need of extra seating. In fact, we bet it may just create the best seat(s) in the house.













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