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AI and Interior Design

February 14, 2024

Ask Us Anything – And, Thanks for The Laugh! 


Are Designers Catfishing Clients?

We had someone send us a message and ask if AI in Interior Design was like lying on a dating profile. First of all, we couldn’t stop laughing. But, they are not wrong. At least, not at the first impression. That IS a little what it feel like on first impression, right? Someone who puts out a fake picture of themself and tries to sell you on a free meal?

IS AI interior design like creating a fake dating profile online?

Is AI Interior Design like a fake dating profile picture?




We started hashing the idea around – this is not the first time the AI topic has popped up in our studio or in our industry. It has been around for some years and really taking the main stream by storm as technology improves. So here is our opinion, and our response to our concerned DM friend:


NO. AI is only a tool for Interior Design. 

In the short answer, NO. This is not someone trying to pretend to be something or someone they are not. This is not intended to be a real home that you can buy and after you give money to someone, you walk in and it is a money pit. These are someone’s INSPIRATION pictures. If I, as a designer or builder, were to say I had actually built this home or kitchen, I would be falsely advertising, or catfishing, you. Unless I had. However, if I were to say “this is what I envision and it will cost you one bazillon dollars” that is a fair statement. (Much like the date that looks that perfect would cost one bazillion dollars, Mr. Catfish. That is my honest dating advice)


AI Created kitchen design

AI Created Kitchen Design

How Can You Tell The Difference Between AI and Interior Design that is Real? 

Another thing we thought might be helpful to determine is how to tell the difference. First of all, it helps to do this for year and years. That said, we still have to look twice sometimes. When that happens, it is because the design is a solid one which means it is doable and uses realistic elements and dimensions. We like those. Anyway, in the event that you are not sure, start by looking at the name of the creator or website. Click on the link. That will usually tell the story. If there is no background info, most likely it is A.I.


AI is just a bit too perfect. 

Another way is look at the scenery. Most places do not have that perfect setting of stunning mountains/ocean/little deer drinking from a stream in the background or it feels just a little too perfect. We all wish but even on the best days, our photos don’t work out that well and if I am located in NC, odds are I don’t have bonsai trees in the backyard. Follow?



AI Kitchen Interior Design

Gorgeous WIndows are the highlight in this AI created interior design inspiration imasge.

If you can dream it, we can (mostly) do it! 

So take AI for what it is. A really fun way to dream about the home or space you want. Save it on pinterest (we do) as a way to plan for what you want. And, then realize that unlike the very talented graphic artists that created these designs, you probably have a few things that may require you to rein it back in (structural elements and budget are two big ones) and let’s see how close we can get to that dream.


Living room inspiration generated by AI creators

This living room design was generated by AI


Why AI will never replace interior designers 

Our clients rely on us to help them from a human perspective. We use our emotions, empathy and experiences to guide us as we create designs for a client.  Often we have to read between the lines and hear what is NOT being said. Clients learn what they do not like as much as say what they think they want. There is a connection between a designer and a client – we learn a clients lifestyle, we see their lifestyles, know their families and become as part of their life for a short period. Very few people are lucky enought to be part of so many peoples world’s even for a short period of time. We create the space where a client will live their life, celebrate the good, mourn the bad and live the everydays in between. A software program will never replace that . So while we will have much fun looking at the gorgeous pictures, we will take the inspiration and enjoy the personal connection that comes from interacting with our clients. Because  while a house can be imagined by software, it’s our heart and soul that sets us apart from AI and creates a home. 


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