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How often we remodel our own home

February 21, 2020

One question we hear quite often is about our own homes. Do we constantly change things in our own home ? The short answer… Definitely.


It is rare a designer can walk into a store and not find something that is perfect for a given space. Now, imagine that you look at some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture and art and fabric or – I am pretty sure I just heard the husband gasp- a fabulous kitchen remodel and it is accessible. These aren’t things that you browse in a random catalog that arrived yesterday or on social media. These are pieces you can touch and hold and walk away with. It’s a bit like test driving a car- once you are behind the wheel, you can totally imagine yourself driving with the top down and the radio up…. it still smells new, no one is fighting in the back seat, there are no goldfish or crayons lost in the abyss known as the third row and you look incredibly cool as you speed away with the light change…

Well, that went sideways quickly, didn’t it?  That said, no, we do not make major changes in my own home over and over. (Notice we said MAJOR changes – we will let you define major… I mean, what is a new paint color among friends?)

Why? Well, there are a few reasons if I think about it…

When you create custom design, you can design a space that is exactly as you imagine

Custom Design takes the challenge out of searching for what you want in a world of big box and internet retailers – you never have to settle. This can create a different challenge. however. You have to pick one… or two… the sky is the limit.


The first and I lead with this because I think it actually speaks to how we approach designing your home as well: We know our style. We know what works for our families and our daily habits and needs. We are exposed to so much that we know what colors and textures we want to live in. And, just as we do for our clients, we do our best from the beginning to create a home that is layered and well loved, comfortable and beautiful all at once. A home should be a sanctuary away from the chaos of the world and the place that you do you. If it is done well the first time, it should stand the test of time and reflect you for a long time to come. Our homes make us happy and while we will probably always change a few things here and there, occupational hazard, over all our homes are reflections of our story.

The next: Cost. Even the biggest budgets don’t go far if you constantly change major things. I would rather create a space that will hold its value and last the test of time versus remodeling my house over and over. That isn’t to say that I don’t regularly change out a vase, pillows or a lamp, rearrange accent pieces or grab a new rug. Sometimes, a girl just needs change. But, no, even with insider resources, it would break the bank to do big renovations all of the time.


Lastly, we live in chaos regularly. Organized or not, a remodel is overwhelming. Many days, we are overseeing multiple projects on a variety of scales. We exist day in and day out in the state of renovation and design and coming home to upheaval after the busy day of making sure your project goes well is not something we relish.  Having even the best contractors in your home can be stressful and not having access to my kitchen or bathroom is tough. We know better than most how hard a remodel is for you  , even if it is VERY exciting and completely worth it.  After making sure everything goes as smoothly for you as possible , we don’t want to come home to it.

Selecting paint colors can prove to be daunting

The outcome is worth the effort when a remodeled space comes together as you hope.


We love answering questions about all things design and sharing a little more about us with you. When you know the person you partner with, it makes the process much more enjoyable.


Creatively yours,


Andrea and Kimberly



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