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Sashay Spring is Sherwin Williams color for April and our design build firm will show you how to use in a remodel

Sashay Sands is Sherwin William’s Chosen Paint Color for April 2024. It is a fashionable neutral that definitely has a strong warm, pink undertone. Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Joanna Gaines in a Paris flat to remodel her closet.   Now there is a conversation I want to be part of! It might be a bit […]

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Scullery or Pantry? It’s Sunday and if you are like us, that is the day you do all the things. Think about what the week is going to bring, meal plan, upcoming sports or school plays, work events, parties and so forth. That brings shopping lists, to do lists and […]

Living room inspiration generated by AI creators

Ask Us Anything – And, Thanks for The Laugh!    Are Designers Catfishing Clients? We had someone send us a message and ask if AI in Interior Design was like lying on a dating profile. First of all, we couldn’t stop laughing. But, they are not wrong. At least, not at the first impression. That […]

virtual interior design with shoppable links

  It’s 2024. According to The Jetsons, we should be driving flying cars and living in floating homes fully automated with robots. Wouldn’t that be nice? Although those innovations haven’t happened yet (looking at you, Silicon Valley), advancement in technology has grown exponentially, opening new ways to approach interior design.   If you look at other […]

Breakfast nook from studio McGee is the perfect example of the ideal breakfast nook

A breakfast nook seems to be holding strong, even when dining rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Maybe it is because they are so much cozier for two people or because they are more convenient placed directly in the kitchen. The casualness of the breakfast nook welcomes family members to do art […]

How to Make Your Kitchen More Multi-functional If you think your kitchen is only for cooking, think again. In most households, the kitchen has become the central attraction of the home. Whether it is because cooking tends to bring people together, or because the kitchen area serves as a meeting, dining, task, and multi-functional area on most […]

Design for Men For the last four decades, Sutton Place Interior Design has enjoyed working in a multitude of spaces, with a diverse clientele, and after all of this time, we still strive to continuously be creative and implement unique ideas. Following this blueprint led us to the idea of breaking the stereotype that interior […]

Anticipation reaches its peak as color experts (wielding substantial influence across the design landscape) unveil the much-anticipated Pantone Color of the Year for 2024. Renowned for setting major trends worldwide, these authorities have declared Peach Fuzz Pantone 13-1023 TCX as the vibrant and invigorating hue destined to define the design narrative in the coming year. […]

I know, you’ve seen everything “2024” already, but we are pretty careful to predict anything without research. Remember when everyone tiled their countertops with ceramic tile?  Yeah… we try to make recommendations carefully and in ways that are approachable and livable, not just because some person gets bored and says let’s go neon! So, here […]

In the ever-evolving world of interior design and home furnishings, the choice between a cloud couch and a regular couch has become a significant debate among homeowners. Both options offer unique features and cater to different preferences, making it essential for consumers to understand the distinctions before making a decision. We will delve into the […]