"Pictures tell a story, not only of memories but they show the evolution of our designs and improvement of the spaces. From the beginning, we would pour over photos from projects, looking for ways to grow as a designer. When revamping our website, we had to decide which photos to feature. We enjoyed walking down memory lane and decided the story our pictures tell are as important as the story. Everyone loves to see the before and afters- that is why the drama of the reveal is saved until the end! These pictures are just a glimpse into some of the projects that we have been fortunate enough to design and a few behind the scenes for you to look at. While the technology of capturing these projects was not as advanced, they still share how we have grown in the last 30+ years . They are the foundation that today stands on, and we hope you enjoy seeing the chapters that led us to this point in the story we tell of home. “ - Andrea & Kimberly