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Living room inspiration generated by AI creators

Ask Us Anything – And, Thanks for The Laugh!    Are Designers Catfishing Clients? We had someone send us a message and ask if AI in Interior Design was like lying on a dating profile. First of all, we couldn’t stop laughing. But, they are not wrong. At least, not at the first impression. That […]

textures in your furniture and light fixtures can really bring in nature

Living in a town that is known for it’s lake gives us a lot of inspiration. Add to that a southern flare and we end up with a style that we often call “Lake House Chic.” What does that look like and how do we define this? We feel it needs to be modern, it […]

When you create custom design, you can design a space that is exactly as you imagine

One question we hear quite often is about our own homes. Do we constantly change things in our own home ? The short answer… Definitely.   It is rare a designer can walk into a store and not find something that is perfect for a given space. Now, imagine that you look at some of […]