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Welcome 2019

January 25, 2019

When we decided we needed a fresh new look on our website, it seemed like such a simple idea.

Update some pictures, rearrange how we said things and where we said them. Maybe change the coloror style of the words. After three decades of telling the story of home, you would think we would know that anything worth doing comes a little harder than that. Weaving our experiences and projects into a website that is something you would like to visit and visit more than once turned out to be more challenging than we expected.

However, we love a challenge, those always end up being our favorite stories to tell. So we slowed down and thought about what we really wanted to say. And, about you and what you would like to see and read.

We know how the best homes are created in layers and with the intention of a good place to be that keeps you coming back with joy. So it is with our best intention of good that we share some of our favorite stories, the pictures you want to look at, the blogs that make you laugh or give you inspiration and the best design advice we can offer. We hope it is an excellent glimpse into who we are, what we love to do and that you visit us often.

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